Senior Web Designer, American Apparel

“April is an incredibly dedicated and eager designer. When you hire April, you hire someone who will be devoted to the task at hand and make sure its done with a keen eye for detail. April’s energy is infectious and brings a much needed humor to a hectic workplace.”

Doug M., Manager of Web Design

“April is amazing designer with a high attention to detail and usability standards. She is able to produce high quality designs in a reasonable amount of time; often times when a project requires more work, she can be found staying later to make sure her work shows exceptional quality.

April is also very knowledgeable when it comes to web design standards often referencing format, screen resolution, file size, load times, and many others. April also has a very keen eye, often times seeing something I or one of the other front-end developers might have missed. She is always looking out making sure what appears on the screen is pixel-perfect with her designs.

Aside from her craft, April is also very friendly and has a great can-do attitude. She has a very positive disposition and is also very easy to talk to — work wise or just casually discussing the day. April would make a great asset to any team!”

Rachel M., Web Developer

“April has some of the most heightened attention to detail that I’ve ever experienced in a designer. She’s incredibly keen on designing for optimum compatibility across clients, operating systems, and bandwidths in mind. In a glance, her eyes can catch an anti-alias setting, an extra pixel in a margin, an incorrectly capitalized word in French or a slight tint in the corner of a photo. She can recall style standards on the spot, but also knows when and how to research and set a new design guideline. She’s always figuring out new ways to be a more efficient designer, and is enthusiastic to share tips and collaborate on projects. April has the stamina to get a design developed and updated in a dynamic environment, whether it means early mornings, late nights, or weekends. I can credit her as the source of countless techniques, methods, and perspectives that I use every day.”

Erik Homsapaya, Sr. Web Graphic Designer

“April is a hard-working, dedicated member of the Web Design team at American Apparel. A unique specialist in her trade, April is able to navigate complex requirements from multiple stakeholders to create assets and user experiences in record time. Her ability to assimilate design characteristics is uncanny while her original designs are both beautiful and thoughtful.

April is a dedicated professional that has always gone the extra mile. In the chaotic environment that we worked together in, April was frequently found on nights and weekends producing comps and assets for the wide breadth of American Apparel’s global web properties. April also truly understands digital – from file sizes, formats and screen usability, to load times, emails, banners, and SEO penalties.

What really sets April apart though is her attitude and vigor toward her work. Always positive — even in the face of the greatest of challenges — and open to comment and criticism. Unlike many that I have worked with in the past, April is very easy to talk to and open to finding solutions that result in the best possible user experience.”

Charles D., Director, Solutions Architecture

“I had the pleasure of working with April at American Apparel. Starting out as a designer myself, she was always willing to share her knowledge in any skill I was unsure of. She is very motivating with her team and a multi-talented designer. And beyond her fun and humorous personality, she most of all is a kind person.”

Elaine G., Web Production Designer

“April is a task focused graphic designer who is always willing to help and get things done in a timely manner. I really appreciate her acute design aesthetic and creative input with projects that we work on together. She has an exploding personality which is a breath of fresh air in such a hectic and stressful environment.”

Zara C., Project Manager

Print/Web Production Artist, Strausberg Group

“I have the pleasure to work with April for over a year. She is a very dedicated hard worker with proficient of knowledge in web design and programing. She will be a valuable assets in any company. On a personal note, April is a fun person to be around. I miss the time work with her.”

Allison L., Senior Designer

“April is a very hard working web designer/programmer who gets the job. She is energetic, a pleasure to work with and brightens up any work environment!”

Janice W., Art Director/Web Producer

“April is THE MOST energetic, highly motivated and talented person I have ever had the pleasure of working with. Her knowledge of print/web utilities is solid, and she goes above and beyond in all projects. She is a self-starter who practically manages her own daily tasks/responsibilities. She is prompt, efficient and an asset to any organization. If ever given the opportunity to work with her again, I would do so without pause.”

Roderick F., Project & Account Manager